Child Custody & Support Attorney – Fayetteville, NC

Child Custody & Support Attorney – Fayetteville, NC

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Of all the areas of concern after ending a relationship, child custody is by far one of the toughest issues to address. Even if co-parenting is successful without a custody order in place, it is imperative to obtain an order to protect the child and prepare for unforeseen changes of circumstance. A custody order acts as a safeguard against one parent’s unfettered control over the child’s time with the other parent.

At Crossroads Family Law, our family law attorney has handled child custody cases and is ready to advocate for you! To initiate a child custody matter in North Carolina, the child who is the subject of the claim must have resided in North Carolina continuously for six months before filing an action for custody. Only under specific circumstances can a person circumvent the six-month residency rule.

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How is child custody decided?

Child custody determinations are based on the best interest of the child. The court considers many factors so that the child is placed in the care and custody of the person who can provide a suitable home. Our family law attorney will assess your case and work closely with you to present your best case to the court. After reviewing the facts, the court will award one of three types of custody: 

Joint Custody: The most common result of a custody matter is joint custody. One party will have primary physical custody, while the other will have a secondary schedule. The parties will share the authority to make decisions for the child unless otherwise specified by the court.

Shared Custody: The parties have equally shared time with the child. They also share the authority to make decisions for the child.

Sole Custody: One party shall have physical custody and the authority to make all decisions for the child to the exclusion of the other party. Visitation may or may not be awarded in the case of sole custody.

When custody is contested, the parties are required to participate in mediation. If an agreement is not reached through mediation the parties will have a trial to determine the best interest of the child.  Our custody attorney looks forward to representing you for your child custody needs!

Child Custody and Child Support Attorney in Cumberland & Hoke Counties

One of the most important things a parent can give their child is time. However, time alone cannot provide for the needs of a growing child. Financial support is a necessity and is owed to the child by both parents. Crossroads Family Law is here to secure the financial support your child needs to continue to thrive in your care.

In addition to assisting you with your child support matters, our Fayetteville child support attorney can help you enforce child support orders and agreements.

North Carolina has a set of guidelines that dictate the amount of child support owed to a child. These guidelines provide a base amount for child support and are affected by the following factors:

·       Income of both parents

·       Work-related child care

·       Health insurance

·       Extraordinary expenses that are necessary to support the child 

In the event that a parent believes the guidelines are not appropriate, they are permitted to present evidence of a valid reason to deviate from the guidelines. Deviation from the guidelines is a rare occurrence, however, Crossroads Family Law NC, will strategize and work with you to obtain the best results in your child support matter. Our family law attorney is ready to provide outstanding representation for your child support matter!

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