Adoption Attorney – Fayetteville, NC

Adoption Attorney – Fayetteville, NC

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Adoption creates a legal relationship between an adult and child who are not biologically related but share a parent and child relationship. At Crossroads Family Law, our family attorney has experience handling adoption cases and is ready to help make your family complete.

How does Adoption work?

North Carolina laws require that the court schedule an adoption hearing within 90 days of filing your petition for adoption. If everyone agrees with the adoption or parental rights have already been terminated, you may not be required to have a hearing.

After an adoption decree is entered, adoptee-child has the same legal rights as the biological child of the adoptive parents. The legal parent and child relationship between the adoptee-child and biological parent ends after the entry of the decree. The biological parents lose all legal obligations and rights to the child, except in the instance of stepparent adoptions.

The primary types of adoption in North Carolina are:

·      Agency Adoption

·      Adoption of a foster child

·      Independent Adoption

·      Relative placement and adoption

·      Step-parent adoption

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