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    Attorney Dymond Spain recognizes that her clients are not just billable hours, but instead real people in need of a strong and knowledgable support system as they move through the legal process. Advocacy, empathy, and realism are the cornerstones of her practice as she fights for her clients to achieve the best results available. 


    Life does not stop just because it is the weekend. We offer consultations on Saturdays and go the extra mile to maintain contact with clients, even if it is outside business hours.


    She has handled military divorce, extremely contested custody, child support, property division and more! Client inclusion and understanding is one of her top priorities because no one wants to become an outsider in their own case. Communication is key and she makes it her mission to provide updates to clients as they occur.


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    Do you have a family-related legal issue that needs the assistance and guidance of experienced family attorneys in Fayetteville, NC? Crossroads Family Law firm is here to help you with all the legal matters around your family. 

    Don’t bear all the weight of undergoing divorce or separation all by yourself. Families are tackling legal issues by trusting us to table their cases competently with no fear. They are igniting a new chapter of their lives, and Crossroads Family Law attorneys have helped them go from stressful battles to peaceful settlements while preserving their dignity.

    There are different family law issues that your family may need competent representation with; all you need to do is contact our law firm for a consultation.

    Crossroads Family Law Practice Areas

    • Domestic violence: Defend yourself from any form of domestic violence (threats, intimidation, physical assault, stalking, etc.) through representation from lawyers with extensive experience. We will help you obtain protection orders against any form of violence against you.

    • Child custody: Secure your children’s best interests from a decorated family law attorney and save your children from the emotional turmoil of separation or divorce. We are masters at child custody cases. Expect us to build an attorney-client relationship that will guarantee a successful upbringing for your children, whether in sole or joint custody.

    • Child support: Get the best possible results concerning child support and negotiate a parenting plan settlement that works for both parents. Our approach to family law cases involving family-owned assets is focused on attaining equitable property division. If you cannot settle and matters have to move to trial, be assured we will support you through any of your family law litigation.

    • Prenuptial agreements: Protect yourself from any unexpected issues in marriage. An experienced attorney from our law firm will help craft a solid deal to protect any assets you own before marriage. Even if you are looking for legal counsel for other issues like legal separation, we will help advise you on separation agreements and other attendant problems.


    Practice Areas

    Get Your Best Interest At The Fore of All Proceedings!

    Our lead family law attorney and managing partner, Dymond Spain, envisages the spirit of advocacy, compassion, and empathy when dealing with all clients. Having obtained her law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law, she knows and has tackled various issues facing North Caroliners in her long legal career.

    She leads a team of super-lawyers who have been practicing family law for years with a combined experience of over 20 years. So no matter the magnitude of your family law matters in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we have the resources and are experienced in handling difficult cases.

    Whether it’s a military divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury case, expect adequate legal representation and advice.

    Take Advantage of The Strong Advocacy of A Reputable Law Firm in Fayetteville, NC

    That’s right, our law firm approaches each client’s issues uniquely and presents a water-tight case in court. Is it equitable distribution of family assets? Does your issue revolve around spousal support? Are you dealing with a military divorce? Don’t worry; we will spend time navigating any difficult process together.

    Apart from Fayetteville, we serve clients from Fort Bragg, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Hoke County, and Moore County. So contact us for a consultation today!