Kingsford, Fayetteville, NC

The Kingsford Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization comprising about 50 people, including city officials, developers, and business owners.

The Kingsford Neighborhood Association was established in May 1985 to improve living conditions in this community. The organization works to improve education, economic growth, and community development, among other things.

Kingsford has become a beautiful neighborhood with wide streets and open spaces. It’s at the entrance to Fayetteville off Lock Street Road, far from its noisy neighbor, downtown Fayetteville.

The neighborhood is also home to many dog parks for residents and their pets to exercise after work.

Kingsford is the site of two historic landmarks. The first landmark is the former Kingsford Cotton Mill. This mill was one of the largest cotton mills in North Carolina at one time, and it has been converted into an apartment building by its owner, Interstate Properties Company.

The second landmark, located in nearby Gregory Park, is the Historic Kingswood School.

The Kingswood School was designed by architect Frank Irving Cooper in 1923 and opened in 1924. The school is one of seven historic schools still standing in Cumberland County and the only remaining three structures built by Moseley Baker, who operated a brick company located on Mill Street Extension.
The Kingswood School has been restored and is open to the public as a museum.

Kingsford is a predominantly African American neighborhood, home to many Fayetteville State University students.

Residents of this neighborhood are under-served by the local government due to past discriminatory practices in the area. They have made some positive steps in recent years by adding a pharmacy and a community center.

The Kingsford Neighborhood Association works closely with city officials to improve living conditions in this community. The association participated in revitalization efforts beginning in 1994 when it worked on the Cotton Mill Apartments project.

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